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Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and counselling therapy. Hypnosis is the process of relaxing the mind and body, sometimes referred to as the trance state, and therapy is the process of addressing and overcoming our problems and issues, by changing the way we think and behave.

The hypnotic trance state is quite natural, and most people experience it in everyday life, for example day-dreaming when carrying out a repetitive task. This altered state of consciousness allows the subconscious to be more receptive to suggestions to effect positive change. The mind will only accept suggestions which are beneficial. 

No hypnotherapist can make guarantees but with your genuine motivation to change and our commitment together, hypnotherapy is suitable for most people and for many issues.

Hypnotherapy works by listening to my voice and the suggestions I tailor make for you which are designed for positive and beneficial change. You own motivation and intent are key to the process. Hypnosis relaxes the mind, which enable a door to open to your inner mind…. The subconscious mind. This is a very powerful part of you and it is here we hold our memories, experiences and belief systems.

We will have discussed your issues, you goals for change before the session. We can then incorporate them into a suggestions script for you once in hypnosis. These suggestions are designed to create positive change, enabling changes in our beliefs, held in our subconscious mind, which have been holding us back.

No, at no time are you under my power. In order for you to be hypnotised you need to be willing. The process is a joint venture, between you and I, rather than something that is ‘done to you’

The more you relax into Hypnosis the deeper you can go, and it is possible to relax so much that you don’t recall everything that is said. You will only ever go into a level of trance that your subconscious mind is comfortable with, so there is no need to fear the trance state. Even if you cannot recall everything said, the subconscious mind has had the opportunity to hear it and absorb whatever it feels is beneficial to you.

Hypnosis and counselling are very personal and so it is important to find a therapist you feel comfortable with for your journey. I have spent many years working with women and their wellbeing and feel confident that I can offer a service which feels safe, non-judgemental, empathic warm. Our Image Consultancy Service is considerate, non-critical and uplifting.

I offer a FREE, confidential, no obligation telephone consultation so we can talk and decide if hypnotherapy and our Wellbeing Treatment plans are right for you.

To begin with I offer a FREE, confidential, no-obligation telephone consultation so you are assured hypnotherapy is right for you.

Next we book your initial session. This lasts about an hour and gives the opportunity to talk about what is bothering you. Hypnotherapy also incorporates counselling, as it is important for you to understand what is going on in order to change it.  


This initial consultation will help me to get to know more about your issue, agree your goals and  form a plan of action for future sessions which are tailored to your specific requirements. It will help me devise a personalised script and treatment plan, after which we can then add in any image or styling work, if wished. Then we will begin immediately and you can then experience hypnosis, which will leave you very relaxed and comfortable in yourself. Relaxing in this way can offer a fantastic sense of wellbeing.


The number of sessions required depends on the nature and complexity of the issue(s) and each session lasts 1 hour. Together we review your progress at the beginning of each session, so we can agree when the best time is to complete treatment.   


Each 1 Hour Session is £65.

The process of Hypnotherapy can be extremely relaxing so it is possible you may fall asleep. However, your subconscious mind is sensitive to my voice and so can still listen and take onboard any beneficial suggestions.

No, remember hypnosis is a very natural state of mind. We are using this state to help re-frame and heal and so you may feel a wonderful sense of wellbeing afterwards. Most people feel very relaxed, comfortable and peaceful.

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to break habits such as stopping smoking. It can help with so many issues, those relating to phobias, trauma, performance and so many more. The trick is that the client must be motivated to change as this is crucial to the process.

No this is entirely up to you. We work together to draw up a plan that is tailored to your specific needs. We favour a holistic approach, ensuring the inner mind harmonises with the external self but can plan for this without image consultancy. We look at your personal goals and work towards them in whatever way is best for you.