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Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight and struggling to do so? Have you tried numerous diets and they just don’t work. You lose weight then end up putting it all back on again! It can be so frustrating!

Are you trying to lose weight and struggling to do so?

With hypnosis and counselling, you can lose weight and keep it off.

At the initial session, we look to unlock your underlying reasons for overeating and weight gain. Once we discover your core reasons for this in the first place, we can move forward to re-frame the mind, enabling you to move on from these reasons. We can put together a tailor-made programme for you to begin your weight loss journey. This will cover a change in eating habits, when, how and why you eat. 


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How Many Sessions Will I need?

We normally recommend four to six sessions, leading to safe weight loss and a healthier, happier you! We can work with cravings and changing your mind processes, changing what and how you eat.  

Your commitment and motivation is needed in order to successfully reach your goal weight loss, but together we can use hypnotherapy to offer you a chance to re-educate your body and enable permanent weight loss and a happier, more slender you.

There is no surgery, no side affects and it does not hurt.


This is a weight loss system designed to have all the effects of having a Gastric Band fitted through surgery, but without having actually having to go through surgery and all the risks of a general anaesthetic.  It provides you with the mind set and all the tools to lose weight a maintain a healthy body. It is designed for those who are very overweight, generally with a BMI over 30.

Have you have tried to lose weight but nothing seems to work? Or are you considering having a gastric band but fear the risks? If so, the gastric band hypnotherapy plan could change your life forever!


How Does it work?

The treatment plan works by encouraging a state of mind as if you actually had a gastric band fitted. It requires up to  six sessions, which we can discuss when putting together your bespoke treatment plan. You will eat smaller portions and feel fuller.

Over your sessions I will take your mind through the process of having a gastric band fitted. I will use suggestions and some visualisation to convince your mind that your stomach has become smaller and requires less food. Sessions last one hour. You must also be prepared to follow the gastric plan’s recommended eating plan just as if you had had the surgery. You can achieve your ideal weight goal and make this permanent!

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