Having trouble sleeping?


Insomnia is lack of sleep, often caused by stress or anxiety issues. You may find it difficult to get to sleep or you may wake up in the night and find you cannot go back to sleep. When we cannot sleep, everyday life can become very difficult. You may feel exhausted and lack motivation. Your mood can be affected, performance reduced, and your everyday quality of life diminished.  In the longer term both mental and physical health can be affected. This can lead to conditions such as depression, heart disease and diabetes. It can even shorten life expectancy.

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Gain greater control over your responses to triggers.

Life Situations can cause us a great deal of stress and anxiety and we can find our minds cannot stop thinking about problem. The mind can go round and round in circles! Often Insomnia can lead to sufferers feeling extreme anxiety about getting enough sleep, which makes it even harder to sleep!

Trauma also causes insomnia as the mind struggles to cope with an experience or event. Stimulants such as coffee or alcohol can also affect our sleep. Perhaps grinding your teeth is a problem for you at night or you are experiencing bed wetting? Whatever your personal reason, it is treatable.

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So How Can I help you?

I have some simple techniques, where you can relearn how to sleep.

As a qualified hypnotherapist I can help you enter the state of hypnosis which is a state of deep relaxation. This prepares the mind and body for better sleep, enabling you to recuperate, ready for the next day.

We will examine any related issues to reduce anxiety and use the ‘gateway to the subconscious’, through therapeutic hypnotic suggestions, so you can feel calmer and stop the cycle of negative rumination at bedtime, thereby aiding a wonderful nights’ sleep. 

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