The Power of Menopause

If you’ve ever found yourself fumbling for your purse during a hot flush at the checkout or watching “Love Actually” and sobbing hopelessly, you’re likely on the precipice of, or deep within the throes of menopause.

And these are only two of the many symptoms we experience as we are dragged through perimenopause to be dropped into our ‘reverse’ puberty. Brain fog, hot sweats, identity changes, libido loss… it’s an assault from every side—physically, psychologically, and volcanically! We’re entering a time when the rules are no longer familiar, a time where we’re forced to accept that we’ll have unexplained itchy ears.

But why shouldn’t this be the case? Our bodies, minds, and spirits are undergoing a profound transformation as we delicately tiptoe through this new phase of life. Let’s face it: for most of us, our hormones are dancing about like Kate Bush in “Wuthering Heights,” causing us to feel like bystanders, helplessly watching them wreak havoc.

However, while it’s easy to demonise this transition, we must also remember that it’s natural, it happens to most of us, and we all recognise how challenging it can be for each other. It’s okay to stumble, to have our emotions run amok, and to acknowledge that it’s menopause. After all, it’s just another remarkable chapter in the journey of being a woman.

On the positive side, there’s much to look forward to. There are no unexpected pregnancy concerns, monthly periods, or PMS to contend with. There can be a lot of joy in saying farewell to these and a significant opportunity to get to know ourselves better as we navigate this time, gaining confidence as we realise we can face whatever life throws at us. We can look forward to new challenges and new horizons!

If you are struggling with this phase of your life, don’t hesitate to get in touch. With my menopause programme you have available guided visualisation, counselling, release and reframe hypnotherapy, plus NLP techniques, which can ensure a more comfortable transition!


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